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Meridian Discovery Complies with EDRM XML

By February 5, 2010June 11th, 2014Announcements, Services

Meridian Discovery’s electronic discovery and hosting systems have been certified as EDRM XML import and export compliant by the EDRM XML project team. This means that we can officially import EDRM XML load files into our system and provide load files in EDRM XML format in our deliverables.

The EDRM XML project’s mission is to have EDRM XML be the primary format for electronic data exchange between parties and systems, reducing the time and risk involved with data exchange. You can visit the EDRM website to get more information about the project.

Why EDRM XML is Important

As an e-Discovery service provider and software developer, we frequently move electronically stored information (ESI) between software platforms, projects and organizations. Proprietary file formats cost valuable time and resources to work with and increase errors and risk associated with electronic data transfers. By participating in the project, we are hoping to expand our integration options with different platforms as well as get involved in developing future versions of this data exchange format.

A list of compliant software and organizations can be found on the project website.

Arman Gungor

Arman Gungor is a certified computer forensic examiner (CCE) and an adept e-Discovery expert with over 21 years of computer and technology experience. Arman has been appointed by courts as a neutral computer forensics expert as well as a neutral e-Discovery consultant. His electrical engineering background gives him a deep understanding of how computer systems are designed and how they work.