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Concordance Field Naming Requirements

By February 27, 2012November 30th, 2016Software

Subsequent to releasing our Concordance® load file (.DAT) to Concordance Database (.DCB) CPL last week (original post), we have received a few questions regarding Concordance field naming conventions. Concordance field types and field naming requirements are as follows:

Concordance Field Naming Requirements

Field names have to:

  • Be no more than 12 characters long
  • Start with a letter
  • Continue with letters, numbers or the underscore (“_”) character in the middle

As of this writing, a Concordance database can contain no more than 250 fields.

Concordance Field Types

Field Type Capacity Comments
Paragraph 12 million characters Indexed by default, allows rich text
Text Up to 60 characters Keyed, but not indexed by default
Numeric Up to 20 digits Keyed by default
Date 8 bytes Keyed by default

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Arman Gungor

Arman Gungor is a certified computer forensic examiner (CCE) and an adept e-Discovery expert with over 21 years of computer and technology experience. Arman has been appointed by courts as a neutral computer forensics expert as well as a neutral e-Discovery consultant. His electrical engineering background gives him a deep understanding of how computer systems are designed and how they work.